Cherry THC Gummies by MIKRO (100mg THC)

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*NEW!* MIKRO 1:1 THC/CBD gummies. 100mg per bag of 20.

A new product that will dominate in that rare, low dose per serving a niche. For those who like to mikrodose, these gummies are the real deal made with the highest quality ingredients. With 5mg per serving, it’s the perfect treat for the beginners yet pack a heavy punch for the veterans when needed. Mikro is here to help everyday users have a consistently positive experience every time you use cannabis. Your Mikro gummy comes infused with both THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio to unlock full-spectrum wellness benefits of cannabis use. Add to cart now to access the complete healing and stress-relieving properties of cannabis.

  • Without getting too high to function…
  • Without getting to levels that trigger anxious or paranoid thoughts…
  • Without feeling lost on how much exactly you should take to experience your desired therapeutic and recreational benefits…

Discover your unique personal limit for enjoying an amazing time with cannabis every time, because gummies are probably the easiest way to track your perfect dose

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MIKRO helps you gauge the perfect dose for your ideal cannabis experience. Take one or two to catch the smoothest high of your life. Enjoy your best high and all of cannabis’s recreational, stress-relieving benefits tonight with this natural cherry-flavored gummy!

1 review for Cherry THC Gummies by MIKRO (100mg THC)

  1. 700dollarjeanz

    These are my new absolute favourite THC gummies. I would usually ingest 20+mg of THC in the day, but stopped for a little while before trying these at a single 5mg dose. Less is more, as I found out – One in the morning, along with my other supplements helps me get through my work day with ease. One is enough to make me feel less tense, less attached to the stress of work and more focused on creative pursuits without being distracting. They are also delicious – a classic cherry flavour, perfect size/dose and quantity – It’s always nice to see more than just 1 or 4 gummies in a pack.

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