Blue Meanie Cubensis – Dried Magic Mushrooms


Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms are a potent strain of psilocybe cubensis. The name Blue Meanie is also used to describe a strain called Psilocybe Cyanescens (P. Cyans) which is known to be 2 times more potent than any other P. Cubensis strain. Our Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms are of the P. Cubensis type and is not to be mistaken.



0.5-1G (Low Dosage)  Featherlight feeling, Floating on Clouds

1G-2G Psychedelic Experience, lots of laughter, lots of conversations, a body high, and good vibes

2G-3G Classic Psychedelic Trip. Your perception changes, you’ll feel, and think differently. The trip may be a whirlwind

3G-4G Extreme Trip. The Intense high and trip, you may connect with the universe

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Blue Meanies Cubensis boast substantial levels of psilocin and psilocybin, making them notably more psychedelic than their more common counterparts like the Golden Teacher. Experience a spectrum of effects, including euphoria, hallucinations, boundless happiness, and fits of extreme laughter.

  • 0.2-0.5G (Very Low Dose): Experience a subtle boost in energy and creativity. Maintain control and visuals remain unaffected
  • 0.5-1G (Low Dosage): Feel as light as a feather, like you’re floating on clouds.
  • 1G-2G: Immerse yourself in a psychedelic journey filled with laughter, deep conversations, a gentle body high, and positive vibes.
  • 2G-3G: Embark on a classic psychedelic adventure where your perception undergoes a transformative shift, leading to unique thoughts and feelings. Brace yourself for a whirlwind trip.
  • 3G-4G: Prepare for an extreme voyage. Reach intense highs and connect with the universe in a profound and unforgettable experience.

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2 reviews for Blue Meanie Cubensis – Dried Magic Mushrooms

  1. sid (verified owner)

    so i have never done this kind before and had no idea really what to expect but it was a wonderful joyful good body high and visuals,all in all a great high.will be ordering more soon..again i say this in each review this stuff is so clean and well shipped.THIS IS THE BEST STORE FOR THESE ITEMS

  2. GABRIEL NUEVO (verified owner)

    I can whole heartedly say that Blue Meanies are my favorite kind of mushroom now. The visuals were astounding and the body high was insane. BSD makes the whole process so easy and I am incredibly grateful for the service they provide. I definitely recommend giving these a spin. A word to the wise, order more than you need because you’ll be wanting more once you try them. Thank you BSD!

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